Mykeys Key Duplicating - Frequent Asked Questions

Does Mykeys fit me?

If you have ever come across the situation of being in front of your door and realizing that you have forgotten or lost your keys, Mykeys DOES FIT FOR YOU. Under normal circumstances, you would call an expensive long-waiting emergency locksmith.

Mykeys solves all of these problems, find your closest locksmith and get your keys duplicated. Show the code provided in our app to the locksmith and make your duplicate with no need to bring the original key. You will have your key duplicated in less than a minute with the highest quality and you will not need to replace locks.

Mykeys for companies?

Enjoy an unique Asset Management Platform , you will have all the keys to assets sorted, updated and managed in the easiest and most intuitive way. In addition, you will be able to generate reports automatically and you will be saving more than 70% of the current time creating reports. If you manage a large volume of keys, there might have been many times when you have not found the key you were looking for, and once found you would have moved or sent by courier the key. Test the ultimate platform and manage your keys efficiently and economically.
Contact us and try the ultimate Asset Management Platform.

Does Mykeys work in my town?

Of course! Mykeys has a presence throughout Spain. You can find the closest locksmitho on the map in the "Locksmith" section.

Is it 24-hour available?

The Mykeys app runs at any time of the day or night. To duplicate your keys, you may open the “Locksmith” section in order to find the closest locksmith and its opening hours.

Can I share the key?

Unlock the key you want to share, enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the key and specify time the person will be allowed to use the key.

Which steps should I follow to have my keys duplicated?

1. You will ONLY need your email address to sign up

To ensure users' privacy, Mykeys only requires an email address and a password. Once signed up, you’ll be ready to start scanning your keys.

2. Scan yor key

In order to digitize your key, just remove it from the key chain, place it on a plain white surface, next to an Euro coin and take a picture of each side of the key.

3. Find the closest locksmith

In case of loss, breakage or deterioration of your key, you will be able to avoid calling an ( expensive and long-waiting)emergency locksmith. The App will show you the closest locksmith to your location.

4. Your key is now ready to use!

Show the locksmith the code provided by the App and that’s it! You already have your duplicate ready to use.

Why should I take two pictures?

Mykeys deeply cares about the user’s safety. We require a two-sided photo of the key, OUTSIDE off the key chain, in order to make sure that no photos are taken of other people’s keys .

Mykeys' Safety

No personal info

You will only need an email address and a password. Mykeys does not record addresses, names nor other personal information.

Data encryption

All the information in the app is saved with high-level encryption, your data and pictures will be safe.

Safe trasnfering

All data communications between the app and the servers are point-to-point encrypted, cannot be intercepted.

Offshoring Data

All information is hosted on the world’s leading Cloud Provider, offshore and without risk of loss.

100% secure payments

You can pay with Paypal or with your credit/debit card with the peace of mind that no data is stored.